November 6, 2010


The BHEPC is an intra-disciplinary estate planning organization with a rich history of professional development through education, cooperation and partnership of its members.  Membership in the BHEPC is exclusive to estate planning professionals with a desire to advance the estate planning profession through continuing education and exchange.  The BHEPC is not a networking group.  Topics such as the state of the estate tax, progressive planning strategies and the preparation of tax returns are exchanged by key-note speakers and membership “tid-bit” presenters.

Membership requires a minimum of five years of estate planning experience in the legal, accounting, tax, wealth management, insurance, trust, valuation or related fields and emphasis of practice must include estate planning or tax.  The application process includes a formal application, an interview by the Board of Directors and member sponsorship.

The BHEPC meets the first Monday of the every month from 6pm to 8:30pm, from October through July (April is tax recess) at Mr. C Beverly Hills,  1224 Beverwil Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90035